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fridge photo - age 4


//1966 Born into this world naked and blue. . ..thus began my artistic adventure. //1972 Moved from Portland, Oregon and eventually out to the country in a special place called High Valley in Washington. It was there I learned to not drink the pond water and boys aren't as tough as they say they are. //1977 The Sunshine Family joins mine. //1981 First kiss at summer camp after campfire. //1982 Wanting to pursue theater, I changed schools from Columbia Academy to Battle Ground High School. //1984 Played Nelly Forbush in a high-school performance of South Pacific. //1987 Moved back to Portland, Oregon and wrote angst forlorn pros from my first apartment window overlooking a tangled freeway. //1992 Met my mentor who led through example. I am lucky. //1993 Graduated with a bachelor in fine arts from Marylhurst University. //1994 Got on the Board for Oregon Women's Caucus for Art. Met Sylvia who lived her life with a brush in one hand and a cigarette in the other. //1994 First solo show in a loft of Old Town Portland. Great-Grandma Myrtle made her chocolate chip cookies.They were a bigger hit than my paintings. They were damn good cookies. //1995 Artist in Residence for Young Audiences of Oregon program in Portland. Designed a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt for Run for the Arts that caused a ruckus in the classrooms. //1997 Fell off the roof while checking the air filters at Meyers Court, an accessible housing facility where I was working at the time. As I lay there in pain, a resident told me, "Room 12 is available." //1999 Saw 'The Cavemanish Boys' at La Cruda for the fake millennium New Years. At midnight, they cut the lights and fauxed a power outage. Fabulous $5 show, $1 beers and wonderful friends. In a world where people were dropping mucho bucks that night, stocking up on batteries and canned goods while backing up their computers, need I say more? //2001 With the high desert calling, I packed up and moved to Bend, Oregon. //2003 Sensing similarities with my new surroundings, "I'm Just One of the Herd" begins to emerge. //2005 Groups of work "I'm Just One of the Herd" and "Figuratively Speaking" are shown in Bend, Oregon. //2006 Moved back to Portland, Oregon. "A little bird told me" is shown at Phlox Boutique on Mississippi Ave. //2007 Working on new paintings and listening to music.

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