figuratively speaking, Nov 2005
R&H Construction, Bend, Oregon


tammy paladeni - bend figure show

This group of work was born out of my love of the following:

  • laughter
  • the lazy aroma of coffee brewing and the gurgling drippy sound that goes with it
  • words I don't recognize and have to look up
  • hum of chains on my car while driving in soft snow
  • my super friends
  • the library
  • the continuous changing tone of the sky
  • fresh sheets on my bed
  • hang in there baby" cat poster
  • the grandma sandwich
  • a blank canvas
  • the courage I witness working with Adaptive Sports
  • competing with the roar of my car's engine in song (and winning)
  • camus, kafka, dostoevsky, dickenson
  • music - new and old
  • mashed potatoes
  • watching baby Bridget jam on the drums
  • waking 15 minutes before my alarm
  • daredevil (not the movie)
  • cadmium medium red
  • gracious kind people
  • art that makes me wish I had thought of it first
  • kisses on the forehead
washing dishes was a nuisance until we got a dishwasher good to be back down a different river
paradigm governing silence shifting dramatically sucks being stuck by pins
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