just one of the herd
R&H Construction, Bend, Oregon, May 2005
Pandora's Backpack, Bend, Oregon, June 2005


tammy paladeni - bend herd show

This body of work is of cows, steers and bulls. Having mostly studied the human figure in the past, the "herd" took me by surprise. I have to tell you though, I have grown to love the little buggers. Using the bovine form, I continued my exploration of the figure, which soon became a metaphor for my examination of human connection. Each painting was an intuitive response to Central Oregon observations like passing the bull coral at the Redmond Rodeo. This work focused on the strength of these characters, the atmosphere of light and color, and the changing mood and connection we have through it. For me it reflected on our connection with others, and how our connection may be more simple than we choose to admit. After all... . . we are just one of the herd.

brady bunch

he drinks green tea
source cover 2005

what - i was thinking about cows, now so are you - it's whats for dinner
cow angel/cow devil - toreadore - it's good to be gabby
a cow walks into a bar. ...ouch!
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