mixed up media, 2007
Portland, Oregon


Since my beginning of time, I've had a love for painting, drawing and creating things of all sorts. My world consists of shapes and symbols blown with color that don't always make sense. I take what I see and paint, layer, rearrange until it's a story that resonates with me. I love collage and the permission it gives me to not take myself so seriously. When painter's block strikes, I enjoy pushing the wall away by doing a 'paint by numbers' or, changing reproductions of paintings from thrift stores. Painting a bit on the reproduction and adding a figure or two to change the scene intended by the original artist, I find I lighten up. This time however, I couldn't stop. Like a true Oregonian, I forged my way through, reclaiming the surface with paint and whatever I could find leaving only a hint of the original painting. Maybe I'm tired of our political landscape …maybe its time for more fart jokes. Whatever it is, I'm pretty happy to be creating.

smelt it? you dealt it!  he confesses his messes erroneously silence is stupid
adam ate the apple and said he didn't, mixed media, 2007
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