Arcangela Paladini

One of the joys I’m feeling in Italy is the depth of connection I feel with my heritage. You add art, music and all that’s beautiful and it gets really hard having the words to describe my experience. When I try I just butcher. So, with that said let me introduce you to Arcangela Paladini. She is buried with an amazing tribute outside the church of Santa Felicita in Florence (the Medici’s hung out here on Sundays in the balcony in the back) where her epitaph compares her to the goddess Athena and the painter Apelles.

Not bad Paladini! It would be pretty awesome if we are related. I’d like to think we have a lot in common and would have much to talk about.

An article that gives her credit where credit is due. Forgotten Women Artists by Philip McCouat.

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